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Read about our dedicated team at Iceland Hut to Hut Hiking, experts in crafting personalized, unforgettable hiking experiences across Iceland's diverse terrain.

Hey! I'm Klemen, the Manager of Iceland Hut to Hut Hiking.

Our specialty lies in designing adventures through Iceland’s extraordinary landscapes, from its volcanic terrains to its hidden valleys. Our mission is to offer you a unique and immersive hiking experience in this land of fire and ice.

Our journey is deeply rooted in the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland. Intrigued by its unique geological wonders and the allure of its Nordic myths, we assembled a team of outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to exploring and sharing the best of Iceland’s natural wonders. Our passion for these enchanting landscapes drives every expedition we craft.

We cannot wait to introduce you to incredible places like the Skógafoss waterfall

Who are we?

Led by myself, our team is a dynamic group of experienced hikers and nature lovers. Each of us brings a wealth of knowledge about Iceland’s diverse ecosystems and a deep respect for its delicate environment. Together, we aim to offer more than just hikes; we provide a gateway to experiencing the true spirit of Iceland.

Our dedication to your hiking experiences

Iceland Hut to Hut Hiking is about creating journeys that resonate with each hiker’s spirit. Whether exploring the mystical Northern Lights, traversing ancient lava fields, or venturing through glacial valleys, we tailor each adventure to your interests and skill level, ensuring a sustainable and respectful interaction with nature.

Markarfljotsgljufur canyon, Emstrur / Botnar hut at Laugavegur trail
Iceland’s treasures are numerous

As the leader of this dedicated team, I am committed to delivering an unparalleled hiking experience. We focus on every detail, from meticulously planning your route to booking the most hard-to-get huts for your rest. Our goal is to make every step of your Icelandic journey memorable and enriching.

Discover the wonders of Iceland with us!

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just beginning your outdoor adventures, our trekking tours offer an appropriate challenge to everyone. We invite you to peruse our diverse range of hiking trips in Iceland.

You can explore our website, and don’t wait too long with your decision because huts can get booked out quickly.

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Journey on an unforgettable Iceland hut-to-hut hiking adventure, discovering the wild beauty of volcanic landscapes along the Laugavegur Trail and others.
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